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Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

Welcome to Chic Designs, where the art of creating extraordinary living spaces meets the heart of personalized design. At the helm of our creative endeavors is April McClintock, the passionate owner and designer with over 18 years of experience in transforming houses into homes.

Chic Designs is not just a design studio; it's a philosophy that embraces diversity, individuality, and the belief that everyone deserves a space that mirrors their unique story. April's approach to design goes beyond aesthetics; it's about crafting environments that resonate with the essence of those who inhabit them.

Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the breadth of our projects, catering to both realtors seeking impeccable home staging and homeowners yearning for inspired and tailored design solutions. From modern elegance to eclectic vibrancy, Chic Designs thrives on the challenge of bringing diverse visions to life.

April's journey is one of passion, expertise, and a deep love for the concept of home. Each project is an opportunity to weave together the threads of her clients' stories, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal.

At Chic Designs, we understand that a home is more than just a place; it's a feeling. It's the warmth of family, the joy of personal expression, and the sanctuary you return to at the end of the day.


Join us in transforming your space into a Chic Designs masterpiece. Book a consultation today and let us weave the magic of design into the fabric of your home.


April McClintock

With a passion for design that spans over 8 years, April McClintock is the visionary owner and designer at Chic Designs, a leading force in the Austin design scene. April's journey in the world of design is marked by a deep-seated appreciation for the transformative power of spaces. Her commitment to creating beautiful, functional, and welcoming environments is grounded in her belief that a home is more than just a physical space—it's a reflection of one's personality, experiences, and aspirations.

April's design philosophy is characterized by inclusivity, and she takes great pride in working with a diverse range of clients. Each project is an opportunity for her to draw inspiration from the unique stories and tastes of her clientele, resulting in spaces that authentically reflect their individuality.

With a keen eye for detail and a wealth of experience, April has become a trusted name in the industry. Her journey is not just about design; it's about creating a place that feels like home, a sentiment she holds close to her heart. Beyond the world of aesthetics, April's dedication to family and the warmth of home life is a driving force behind her work.

When she's not immersed in the world of design, April treasures moments with her family, recognizing that the essence of a home lies in the love and connections it holds. Elevate your living spaces with April's expertise, and book your consultation today. Let her passion and experience bring a touch of Chic Designs magic to your home.

Owner & Designer

Our Vision

At Chic Designs, our vision is to be the catalyst for transforming spaces into living artworks that speak to the heart and soul of every individual. We aspire to create homes that go beyond aesthetics, embodying the diverse stories and unique identities of our clients. As a women-owned company, we believe in the power of creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity to shape environments that resonate with authenticity.​


Our Values

  • Creativity: We embrace the boundless potential of creativity, fostering innovative design solutions that transcend trends and truly reflect our clients' visions.

  • Inclusivity: Chic Designs is committed to serving an all-inclusive community. We celebrate diversity in every project, ensuring our designs resonate with clients from various backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles.

  • Passion: Our dedication to design is fueled by passion. We approach each project with enthusiasm, dedicating ourselves to creating spaces that evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression.

  • Authenticity: We value authenticity in design, creating spaces that authentically represent the personalities and stories of those who call them home.

  • Empowerment: As a women-owned business, we are committed to empowering both our team and our clients. We believe in creating opportunities, fostering growth, and building a supportive community.


Our Team


Taylor Clark

Broker Associate

Taylor Clark, a distinguished Broker Associate at All City Real Estate, seamlessly integrates into the Chic Designs team, serving as a vital asset to our company. With a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of the real estate market, Taylor brings a unique perspective that enhances our collaborative approach to design and staging.


Her expertise in property transactions, market trends, and client relations complements our design process, ensuring that our projects align seamlessly with the goals and visions of both homeowners and realtors.

Our Clients



I don't know where to start! April and the team at Chic Designs are a DREAM to work with. I've done a few projects now and I can't say enough good things about her. 

First, she shows up and looks at the property in person ahead of creating a staging plan and estimate. I never worry if she's going to be client-facing because she's professional and her bubbly personality wins over my sellers, especially when they are scared about staging and selling! The process can be overwhelming to sellers and April helps me instill calm and confidence that we are going to knock it out of the park. And she DOES. (I own my own staging company but I have opted to hire April because she's just so good and I know when my stuff is not going to work!)


Once she's seen the space and we discuss it, she gets to work curating the perfect design for the space home to highlight its best features and to downplay any shortcomings! She puts so many thoughtful touches throughout a home and goes above and beyond without every "nickel and diming" me. Her pricing is fair and upfront and she's punctual and professional at all times. On our last two listings that we collaborated on, I got multiple offers within just a few days on the market and sold the homes for over the asking price in this softer market! 


My clients have called us the "DREAM TEAM" and that says it all. Collaborative, creative, comforting, cost-effective, and CHIC. Five out of five stars! 

Rebecca Gindele

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